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ACQ 230.U06.01.02 Explain how differences in political structures, bureaucratic organization, defense industrial base factors, and acquisition policies can effect international acquisition programs ACQ 230.U08.01 Discuss key IA&E outcomes and tasks in the Technology Maturation and … Review the program’s Operational Viewpoint - 1 (OV-1) to identify system interfaces that must be defined to permit materiel interoperability and/or connectivity. 10/23/2017 12:22 PM Presentation For example, on an ACAT I program with significant international potential, establishing a formal IA&E Assessment effort – including a chartered team and a Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M) integrated with the MSA phase Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) -- should be considered. If it is early in a program before the system design is established, it is possible to gain general situational awareness on Technology Security and Foreign Disclosure (TSFD) boundaries by analyzing relevant policies and precedent-setting release decisions from analogous systems with comparable CPI and or mission-critical functions and components. Identify program protection considerations that must be factored into the assessment in the following areas: Defense Exportability Features (DEF) design and development, Systems Engineering (SE) and Systems Security Engineering (SSE) program protection tradeoff analyses in the Systems Engineering Plan (SEP), and specific program protection measures (e.g., information security, Anti-Tamper (AT), and TSN) needed to facilitate international involvement. If yes, are the ROM estimates current or should they be updated? What system characteristics and/or configuration items may require DEF development of differential capabilities from the DoD configuration? For MDAPs with the potential for substantial international involvement, A&S International Cooperation and Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) staff members can help PMOs identify experts in the above areas with robust knowledge and encourage their participation in the IA&E Assessment. To achieve interoperability with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and coalition forces, pursuant to 10 USC 2457, program offices and procuring activities must, to the maximum extent feasible when needed to meet required capabilities, comply with U.S.-ratified materiel ISAs applicable to their acquisitions by citing their implementing documents in solicitations and contracts. b) The acquisition strategy defines the program structure used to achieve full capability and the approach to be followed in Full-Rate Production & Deployment. DAG Chapter 1 (paragraph recommends that the Program Manager conduct an International Acquisition and Exportability (IA&E) Assessment to collect information and assess factors that may affect potential international involvement in a program in order to identify potential existing foreign solutions, ICP opportunities, foreign technology, or potential for future foreign sales. ACQ 202 Intermediate Systems Acquisition Course (ISAC) International Acquisition and Exportability | Lesson Summary 1 Lesson Summary International Acquisition and Exportability Learning Objectives The following learning objectives are covered in this lesson: x Recognize the conceptual framework used to plan and implement DoD’s International Acquisition and Exportability (IA&E) activities. Cooperative opportunities assessment results should be documented in the program’s International Involvement section of the Acquisition Strategy or Course of Action Analysis for programs responding to urgent needs. Engage global leaders for needed/desired technology by networking within the international community and consulting with the following: Identify other countries that have similar operational requirements by networking within the international community and consulting with the following: Are there any foreign off-the-shelf systems that might satisfy the requirement (or with modification)? You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Clearly, some language learners are successful by virtue of their sheer determination, hard work and persistence. For programs in the MSA phase, the DAG recommends that the program’s IA&E Assessment address the program’s: Depending on the potential scope of the international involvement envisioned, the PMO should consider obtaining subject matter expertise on global technology defense marketplace demands for a new system from the DoD S&T community, TSFD community, intelligence community, DoD Component IPO, U.S. industry, and any other sources required to conduct a comprehensive, high-quality assessment. It is DoD policy to make timely decisions that advance U.S. political-military objectives by building the capacities of allies and partners while maintaining U.S. operational and technological advantages and protecting critical technology from diversion to potential adversaries. -Access and design exportability features incorporated into the system-Facilitates exort to allies and partners-Considerations are required by Statute regardless of the type of international acquisition program being considered International Acquisition and Exportability (IA&E) Defined 3 The term "International Acquisition and Exportability (IA&E)" refers to DoD efforts in the following four complementary areas: • International Cooperative Programs; • Sales and Transfers; • Technology Security and Foreign Disclosure; and, • Defense Exportability Integration. Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and U.S. standardization forums consist of the American, British, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand (ABCA) Armies' Program, the AUSCANZUKUS Naval C4 group, the Air and Space Interoperability Council (ASIC), and the Combined Communication Electronics Board (CCEB). International Acquisition and Exportability . Mission Enable the Delivery and Sustainment of Secure and Resilient Capabilities to the Warfighter and International Partners Quickly and Cost Effectively Answer to what element of the international acquisition & exportability examines factors that affect international considerations and potential foreign (DoDI 5000.02, Enclosure 1, Table 2, page 53), The acquisition strategy must reflect the Program Manager’s understanding of the business environment; technical alternatives; small business strategy; costs, risks, and risk mitigation approach; contract awards; the incentive structure; test activities; production lot or delivery quantities; operational deployment objectives; opportunities in the domestic and international markets; foreign disclosure, exportability, technology transfer, and security requirements. and a fundamental tool of U.S. foreign policy. The DAG recommends: This Job Support Tool (JST) provides a framework and suggested approach for conducting an IA&E Assessment as recommended by the DAG and is organized as follows: Section 1 – Fundamental Policies, Section 2 – Analysis and Evaluation, Section 3 – Best Practices, and Section 4 – Documentation of Results. (DoDI 5200.39, paragraph 3) Once their program’s CPI has been defined, program managers will use their PPP to describe the program’s CPI and associated mission-critical functions and components; address the threats to and vulnerabilities of these items; plan for the development and implementation of countermeasures to mitigate associated risks; and address exportability design considerations related to the program protection aspects of potential foreign involvement. The International Marketing Environmental Factors That Affect Global Companies In Their International Marketing Decisions Published on May 10, 2016 May 10, 2016 • 42 Likes • 3 Comments In general, IA&E Assessments should organized and conducted (or at a minimum, orchestrated) by the PMO. Contact DoD Component personnel involved in these forums for assistance in identifying ISAs relevant to a specific program. (DoDI 5200.44), Program managers should take appropriate steps to protect sensitive unclassified information about system-related design, applications, processes, capabilities, and items that reside on non-DoD (contractor) information technology systems and networks. seq.] International Acquisition and Exportability (IA&E) Overview, International Acquisition & Exportability (IA&E) Overview, International Acquisition Career Path (IACP), IA&E Job Support Tools (JSTs) and Lessons Learned, Ask a Question / Share an Idea (Login required). Programs should conduct an IA&E Assessment as early as possible in a program’s lifecycle to collect information and assess factors that affect international considerations and potential foreign involvement including interoperability requirements, program protection considerations, cooperative opportunities, and international markets. Historically programs with a significant l… (1), page 92, (DoDI 5000.02, Enclosure 3, paragraph 13.b, page 99, (DoDD 5000.01, Enclosure 1, paragraph E1.1.18, page 8, per 10 USC 2431a (subparagraph (c)(2)(G)), NATO Standardization Office (NSO) website, Conducting an initial IA&E Assessment during the pre-Materiel Solution Analysis (MSA) phase to identify potential existing foreign solutions, International Cooperative Program (ICP) opportunities, foreign technology, or potential for future foreign sales, Updating the program’s IA&E Assessment during the MSA phase to identify specific existing or projected international agreements(s), Joint Requirements Oversight Council (JROC)-validated coalition interoperability requirements, international markets, and potential program protection issues and requirements.

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