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Once in your world, take the item you wish to duplicate and stick it in a chest (it helps to place a chest right next to your bed or spawn point in order to save a little time). Xbox One Terraria Solo Duplication Glitch. 2. I dont see any world or character save files anywhere. I’ve been searching around and can’t find anything. This strategy is effective and it is singleplayer. Note: the money you lose by dying in step 6 will be lost, as will any items put into chests from step 4-6. Make a new world, and put the items you want to duplicate into a chest, Go into the backup copy of the world, and take the items out. You will need both WLD and BAK files.. How to upload a custom Terraria world: 1. With the new system you cannot upload characters and worlds to the cloud, so Figured out that on Apple devices you can go to the files app and go to the “on this iPad/iPhone” section and find the terraria folder. I've spent a lot of time on my pre hardmode base and was wondering if there was a way to copy it to my worlds section under a different name? The chest if cleared and destroyed may fix this, however, it still may be possible for the chest to make the world you put the duplicate items in bugged and broken, thus making it unloadable. Save and exit your world, copy and paste your most recent save, rinse and repeat. The Party Girl replaces the Guide upon entering the world for the … The item should be held, and be in your inventory. Depending on how worlds are saved on the two, it could be entirely possible to. Go to "com.and.games505.TerrariaPaid". Is there a way to copy a world? Put the item in your inventory. Transfer iOS to Xbox One? Different game versions were an issue back in the day, but both pc and iOS computer versions are the same these days. Any item you transfer from a chest to your inventory in this step will be duped. 3. Terraria is a 2D sandbox where you get to explore an endless and randomly-generated world. Screenshot of Terraria World Save file in mobile system. If it'll properly load the hard part will be locating the file on your phone, downloading it and then actually loading it on. Pretty much a vanilla world with some aesthetic tweaks to make the experience more interesting while we wait for Journeys End. Go to Documents>My Games>Terraria>Worlds. First you need to locate your character normally in your terraria folder on your pc, it a .plr file with your character name, like this: Then you need to go in this site Terrasavr, web-based Terraria profile editor , load your player clicking on "Load Player", and Change Format to 1.3.0 Think it's c:\users\username\my games\terraria\worlds Then just copy it where ever you want or add a 2 or something to the name. 6. If that is the case then just copy them from the TMOD save into the vanilla save folders and you should have no problems. There are now two, (or two sets) of the item(s) you duplicated. Hover over the character with the items you want to duplicate and press L1 to upload the character to the cloud. Put any item you want to duplicate in your inventory (very important) and save and exit your game. I bought terraria on my old iPad that was using my mom's apple id. 4. Open "files" app, commonly found in most Android devices. To make this work, a shaft of at least 2 screens high needs to be used. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It is also unknown of what causes this to happen (for now). go into the worlds one by one taking those items out of the chest. Player two will still have the items but the same items will still be in the chest. Go to "com.and.games505.TerrariaPaid". Log on to your network account, go onto the character that has the items that you want to duplicate. There is a way. the chest duplication bug was fixed in 1.2, but there is another way that wasn't (2nd photo). Exit without saving, then have them invite you back. your saying you installed TMOD and then didn't load anymods in 1.3.5 and now want to use those characters and worlds in vanilla 1.4 if i'm understanding you correctly. Go to "Worlds". and inside the "content" file, there are files "fonts", 'images", and "sounds". Force close the game when it says "Saving world data %100". You can save it under a different name, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Open "files" app, commonly found in most Android devices.

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